Designed to optimize the fluidity of transitions from one rail to another, the ASYMAD aims to be as intuitive as possible, both in front-side and back-side. Very Handy, Fast and Incisive, the asymad is a high-performance board offering everyone the opportunity to surf their full potential, with disconcerting ease.

The objective is to ensure that the surfer does not need to move his rear foot permanently forward to accelerate and backward to maneuver, your rear foot hardly moves, it is always on the “right spot”.

The recipe for this board?

A Twin fin with a stretched rail on the toe side giving you the speed, maneuverability and revival of a fish in front-side.
Two Quattro fins with a shorter rail are curved under the heel offering grip and precision on your back-side.
A rocker close to that of a classic shortboard to reach critical sections.
The perfect combo to accelerate smoothly and Carver aggressively.

Rowing level, nothing to do with a traditional shortboard, the waves are entered naturally, thanks to a nose and a relatively wide tail.

Your gliding and flotation surface is perfectly distributed along the body, this distribution of volumes and this fairly straight outline gives you the possibility of choosing relatively narrow ribs without being penalized with the oar afterwards.

The Asymad is a high performance, versatile and terribly fun board.

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